1. I, Tonya (review)
“What the key (real-life) players lack, as far as anything resembling a redeeming quality, the people involved in the film more than make up for. Gillespie, Rogers, and the across-the-board stellar cast have made a masterpiece out of a mudpit.”

2. Phantom Thread (review)
“I’d argue the great Day-Lewis is actually overshadowed by his two co-stars—a testament to the phenomenal performances that help make the film one of the more memorable of the year. It will get inside your head and simply not let go.”

3. Won’t You Be My Neighbor (review)
“In a day when cynicism is at an all-time high and the country is split wider than at any time since the civil rights movement, Won’t You Be My Neighbor glides into theaters like a heaping breath of calm, tolerant air and wraps itself around you like a hug from a long-lost friend.”

4. A Quiet Place (review)
“There may be a total of twenty words spoken in the entire film, but A Quiet Place gives new meaning to the idea of a picture being worth a thousand words. There’s so much going on that it’s damn near impossible to catch your breath during the film’s 90-minute runtime.”

5. Black Panther (review)
“With Black Panther the studio has given us yet another excuse to spend two hours at the local theater. But more importantly Black Panther lands as the most empowering and important entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far.”

6. Hostiles
7. Call Me By Your Name
8. The Post
9. Thoroughbreds
10 .Incredibles 2
11. Deadpool 2
12. Isle of Dogs
13. Paddington 2
14. Ready Player One
15. Adrift
16. Game Night
17. Annihilation
18. Avengers: Infinity War
19. Blockers
20. Molly’s Game
21. Solo
22. Tully
23. Sicario: Day of the Soldado
24. Hotel Artemis
25. Pacific Rim: Uprising
26. Peter Rabbit
27. A Wrinkle in Time
28. Gringo
29. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
30. The Commuter
31. 12 Strong
32. Life of the Party
33. Super Troopers 2
34. Tag
35. Action Point
36. Early Man

37. I Feel Pretty (review)
“Starring as Renee Bennett, Schumer strolls through the movie like she’s content just to be there, optimistic that its feminist message (which the script then proceeds to undercut—more on that later) is enough to get people into the seats. It’s not.”

38. Ocean’s 8 (review)
“The first three Ocean’s movies still stand as fun flicks to stop and watch when you trip on them, driven by a clever story and a cast that actually looks to be enjoying themselves. Ocean’s 8, though, pales in comparison, leaving you feel more than a little bit robbed.”

39. Rampage (review)
“Director Brad Peyton has proven he knows how to make decent disaster flicks, including 2015’s goofy-fun San Andreas (also with Johnson), but he takes a big step backward here.”

40. The 15:17 to Paris (review)
“As the finished product plays out on a movie screen in front of you, it’s hard to stop from being reminded of Robert Burns’ famous poem about the best laid plans of mice and men going awry. In this case very, very awry.”

41. Red Sparrow (review)
“There are so many ways Red Sparrow could have been done better, from the vapid script to the uninspired acting, from the over-reliance on hollow shock-value moments to the stale, Cold War-ish story. And every single one of them was, in fact, done better in Atomic Blonde. And Salt. And La Femme Nikita. Heck, even Harriet the Spy at least has a few things going for it.”