We’re half-way through 2013, which means we’ve arrived at my semi-annual look at the best and worst movies of the past six months.

From January through June, I saw 45 movies at Essex Cinemas and Cumberland 12– some good, some bad. But all of them had something to offer.

Without further ado, away we go…

Funniest movie: The Heat
Runner up: The Internship
So bad it was funny: Gangster Squad

Best movie that no one saw: Side Effects
Runner up: Dead Man Down
Worst movie that everyone saw: The Hangover Part III

Best zombie movie: World War Z
Runner up: Warm Bodies
Maybe zombies would have helped: Oblivion

Best Die Hard ripoff: Olympus Has Fallen
Runner up: White House Down
Worst Die Hard ripoff: A Good Day to Die Hard

Best kids movie: The Croods
Runner up: Epic
Worst kids movie: Escape from Planet Earth

Best movie about college: Admission
Runner up: Monsters University
Worst movie about college: 21 and Over

Most “Aw, that’s cute” movie: Safe Haven
Runner up: Peeples
Most “Aw, that’s awful” movie: Broken City

Worst waste of good talent: Promised Land
Runner up: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
Best used of “wasted” talent: This is the End

Best movie based on a true story: Zero Dark Thirty
Runner up: 42
Wait, this is a true story? Pain & Gain

Best movie based on a book: Beautiful Creatures
Runner up: The Great Gatsby
Worst movie based on a book: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Best stunts and action: Fast & Furious 6
Runner up: G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Worst movie with stunts and action: Now You See Me

Best superhero movie: Iron Man 3
Runner up: Snitch (technically not a superhero, but close enough.)
Worst superhero movie: Man of Steel

Most cool to look at: Oz the Great and Powerful
Runner up: Jack the Giant Slayer
Surprisingly still cool, 20 years later: Jurassic Park (3D re-issue)

Most surprisingly decent movie: The Call
Runner up: The Last Stand
Most surprisingly bad movie: Identity Thief

and finally…

Best Movie: Silver Linings Playbook
Runner up: Star Trek Into Darkness
Worst (and it’s not even close): The Host