After 22 years and now 11 movies, the Fast and the Furious franchise keeps on careening down the road with the latest installment, a slam-bang, car-chase, fist-fight, guns-blazin’ flick that will more than satisfy fans. The usual cast of characters is back for the ride (plus a handful of long-forgotten faces and even a cameo by the late Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow). Also along for the mayhem are series newcomers Jason Momoa as the resident baddie, Brie Larson, and even Rita Moreno. Director Louis Leterrier (‘Now You See Me’) keeps his foot on the gas pedal throughout, offering plenty of globe-trotting locales and nifty stunts along the way. It’s not high art by any means, but it’s enough to get the ol’ engines revved.

3/5 stars