Martin Scorsese’s sixth feature film with Leonardo DiCaprio (and his tenth with Robert De Niro) is a grand, sweeping epic about the plight of indigenous peoples in 1920s Oklahoma; when oil is discovered on Native land, a string of murders in the Osage community follows closely behind. DiCaprio leads the way as Ernest Burkhart, a pawn in an elaborate scheme to steal the Osage wealth, with De Niro pulling the strings behind the scenes as the self-proclaimed “King” Hale. Yes, it’s nearly three-and-a-half hours long, but the captivating story, expertly brought to life by Oscar-winning screenwriter Eric Roth and co-written by Scorsese, negates the lengthy runtime. The cast, which also includes a best-of-the-year performance from Lily Gladstone as Burkhart’s Native wife, turns in stellar work and helps cement the film as a bona fide Oscar contender.

4.5/5 stars