1. Brooklyn – 2015 (review)

“With a rare, endearing sense of grace and tenderness, Brooklyn tells a very simple love story. But underneath the surface is a film of such emotional depth and complexity that its poignancy lingers for a long time after the credits roll.”

2. Black Swan – 2010

“There are terrifying moments, there are erotic moments, and there are a few moments that are both. And Aronofsky’s heavy reliance on mirrors and hand-held cameras, along with the inclusion of Clint Mansell’s twisted reimagining of Tchaikovsky’s classic score, only adds to the madness.”

3. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – 2019 (review)

“From the film’s supremely of-the-time soundtrack (including real clips of radio jingles and ads from the now-defunct KHJ-radio Los Angeles) to the phenomenal camera work of cinematographer extraordinaire Robert Richardson to its plentiful, fun-bonus films-within-a-film, Once Upon a Time is an artistic time capsule, a love letter (to 1969, Tate, and to old Hollywood, all at once) and a masterclass of acting and screenwriting wrapped up into one damn-fine package.”

4. Manchester By the Sea – 2016 (review)

“The film itself is a masterpiece of the highest order, a life-affirming effort that is equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking. More than anything, though, it’s a simple ode to grief and loss and coping and making do.”

5. Parasite – 2019 (review)

“Writer-director Bong Joon-ho, best-known (if at all) for 2013’s Snowpiercer, has created a marvel that not only entertains at the highest level but also doubles as a violent, penetrating psychological experiment with a side order of scathing socio-economic commentary.”

6. The Revenant – 2015 (review)

“Iñárritu follows up 2014’s best picture (and Best Picture) Birdman with yet another memorable, ingenious, and engrossing film. Its extended tracking shots, the fog of warm breath clouding the lens, and exclusive use of natural light in unforgiving locations (the untouched forests of Argentina and Alberta) suck you into the film and refuse to let you go.”

7. I, Tonya – 2017 (review)

What the key (real-life) players lack, as far as anything resembling a redeeming quality, the people involved in the film more than make up for. Gillespie, Rogers, and the across-the-board stellar cast have made a masterpiece out of a mud pit.”

8. Roma – 2018 (review)

“Barely five minutes in, you get the palpable sense that you’re watching something truly special. Few (if any) films in a given year transcend cinema and become a masterpiece that not only demands to be seen but also earns instant status as a shining example of how powerful and sublime movies can be.”

9. Avengers: Endgame – 2019 (review)

“Tie a napkin around your neck, pull your seat up to the table, and get ready to gorge yourself on a feast of everything there is to love about going to the movies. And when it’s all done, and you’ve dabbed your mouth, relish the fact that you have just enjoyed what may be your favorite meal ever.”

10. Birdman – 2014

“Iñárritu has crafted a movie so completely stunning, so entirely inventive, and so downright awesome (in the true sense of the word) that there’s not much that doesn’t pale in comparison.”