What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?? This patently unfunny and downright ridiculous effort from Jerry Seinfeld has all the trappings of being at least somewhat watchable (the race to get toaster pastries to market certainly hasn’t had its day in the sun yet, and the cast includes everyone from Amy Schumer to Jim Gaffigan to Seinfeld himself), but good gravy, this thing is an off-the-rails mess from the word ‘go’. Every joke falls flatter than a Pop-Tart, and there’s absolutely no real sense of what Seinfeld (who also directed, produced, and co-wrote it) was even going for. A really bad Mel Brooks rip-off? A really bad excuse to gather all his buddies together for a pointless ‘comedy’? And did I mention the bizarre sea monkey-ravioli creature who scurries around throughout?

0/5 stars